Unhappy Accident

Photo: For the Stage Photography

Hello there. I'm Bob Ross. 

Television's favorite painter finds himself incapable of painting. What ensues is a darkly comedic exploration of identity, celebrity and the creative process.

There are no mistakes, only: Unhappy Accident

Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Festival 2021 - Official Selection

"Bruce Ryan Costella dives deep into the artistic psyche — and it’s a dark, bleak place."

Orlando Sentinel



Photo: Greg Thonen

Sit. Stay. Roll over.

In 1957, Soviet scientists sent the first living thing into outer space: a stray dog. MUTTNIK is an intimate story of purpose told by a Russian pooch in orbit. Original Script of the Decade (Orlando) Nominee

"Fringe Crush" Audience Favorite - KC Fringe 2019

Official Selection - Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Festival 2019

Critic's Choice: Best Solo Drama - Orlando Fringe 2018

"... this good dog may well be best in show."

Watermark Magazine

"One need not be a dog lover to be deeply moved."

KC Fringe Review Team

"This story of courage in the face of adversity tugs at the heartstrings. Good dog." 

Orlando Sentinel

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